Family hugging there newborn baby.
Kids are just full of wonder, magic and beauty. It's why I love capturing portraits of them, just being themselves. You'll never see me asking them to sit still, look this way and say cheese. There's no fun in it, for them or for me. Instead I want create a beautiful collection of images of your child being their crazy, fun, beautiful little selves. Coming from a big family myself surrounded by kiddies, I know the importance of capturing these precious little moments. Im not just talking about the photos of them looking like butter wouldn't melt but also there fun little personality's. The same goes with families, I want to capture you having fun, connecting and just being you. So when you look back to these images in years to come, you'll remember it all how it really was. The warm, the laughter, the fun, the crazy and the magic. I currently have 24 little cousins, me being the eldest. Nothing warms my heart more than spending time with them, there a very fun bunch. As you can imagine I take lots of photos of them when we're together, mostly of them being themselves and lost in the moment. Singing, dancing, playing about or even looking for pirates and fairies. A couple of them are currently going through that little lady stage, it kills me when they give you that look. You know the one, hand on hip and a cheeky smile, like come on meg your so not cool. Its moments like that I love to capture! 
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Family kissing their newborn baby.
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