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How To Feel Sexy As F*ck 

Words of wisdom from Jess

Feeling sexy and loving the skin you’re in is a hard, long and often bumpy journey for anyone who has a body (so all of us). We’re constantly surrounded by media and people who say that we could be happy if only we had that new product or wore different clothing or lost that weight you’ve been carrying around since you found out about how good cake is. In this kind of world, loving yourself is a rebellious act and one I am still learning how to do.

I began to feel sexy when I finally bought underwear that fitted me properly. Instead of trying to squeeze myself into something just because I thought I should be that size, I bought the correct size, looked in the mirror and looked fabulous. From there, I decided to actually look at myself, see me for how I was, not how I wanted to be, not what I thought I should look like and not ignoring the parts I hated and embraced myself. I accepted me for me, and with that acceptance came an overwhelming feeling of relief. I had tricked myself to feel sexy all with the power of my mind. I had performed a magic act. My way of thinking had evolved, matured if you will, and I now know that my body is a pretty sexy, feminine and beautiful thing, and even more so because it is mine.

Take small steps to begin liking yourself if you want. One day you may find out, actually, you have beautiful colour eyes, or your hands look like pianists’ hands. Or, to be honest, your ankles aren’t really that bad, or that crooked smile you have is really quite lovely. I don’t mind how long you take, as long as you get there. I would love all the women of the world to feel beautiful and confident in their skin, just as I do in mine. So be brave and love yourself, and I hope my photos inspire you to tell be kind and proud of your body.

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