Intimate boudoir photography - Badass boudoir with Katjia

Badass boudoir is new to Bai & Elle and it’s something I’m very excited and passionate about! I love nothing more than making people feel beautiful and empowered. To me boudoir is so much more than women in pretty lingerie sets and it’s also not just for women of a certain look, size or age. It’s all about stepping out your comfort zone, accepting yourself as you are inside and out and realising that’s enough and owning the hell out of it, whilst looking like a totally sexy badass babe!

Badass boudoir is going to be done a little different to everything else. I’ll only be offering it a couple times throughout the year, right now we have our first ever event on Sunday 7th May at a quirky east London studio.

So come and join the Badass Boudoir Club, click here to find out more.

Im also giving one lucky lady a chance to WIN a space on our Badass boudoir marathon. Click here to enter.

First to receive the full Badass Boudoir treatment is the gorgeous Katjia! I don’t know about you but I have some serious hair envy going on right now, her gorgeous red locks are, AMAZING!! The fabulous hair and make up godess Sarah Mcwainlian was there to add the finishing touches, making sure Katjia looked flawless! I think people are at their most beautiful when their relaxed, enjoying themselves and lost in the moment and it was no different with this red-headed beauty. We chatted, got a little silly and captured some real soft and sexy moments.