2015 Review. Meg

So I've been sitting here for almost an hour struggling to write this blog. I'm really not sure why, because 2015 has been very kind to me. I would even go as far to say it's been my best year yet. It has also been the year I decided to give up on what I thought I should be doing, and instead chase a dream of mine. Basically it's been a year of adventure. It's also been a year of growth, not only as a person but as a photographer. Please don't run away with the idea that it's been all sunshine and rainbows, because as much as I try to kid myself, it hasn't. To be honest it's been bloody hard work but its also been so worth it. A lot of It comes down to the people I've met this year, and I'm not just talking about Marni but everyone, all of my new friends. Even those guests who insisted on telling me their entire life stories. They have all helped me in some sort of way, most without even knowing it. Im so very grateful for everything that 2015 has brought me even the hard times, its allowed me to start a new chapter in my life, one I'm super excited about. 

As you can imagine spending most the year travelling, second shooting weddings and doing multiple styled shoots, I've taken a lot of images. Which made it so hard to choose just 8 to share. Also it doesn't help that me and Marni had a lot of experiences together, and she's already shared some of my favourite days in her post. In attempt to not share the same ones, here are some of my personal highlights.  Above (Clockwise) Cape Town, South Africa  (This day was like a movie! On my own in the front seat of a truck with the driver , camera in hand , sun shining and a slight breeze through my hair whilst searching for animals getting so close I could touch , it was pure bliss. The best part was sipping on champagne and eating strawberries whilst watching the sunset on the reserve.). Maddy (This photoshoot I set up purely because I love Maddys beautiful red locks). New York City , USA (I visited NYC a lot this year , each time it's been a rush and I never really felt like I explored enough. Heres a shot from the top of the Rockafella building,such a breathtaking view) Cochin ,India (India has to go down as one of the most chaotic and mental places I visited. The little girl in the picture I saw whilst wondering the streets)   Below (Clockwise) Bitung, Indonesia (I cant get over how surreal this day was, I felt like a celebrity. We ended up in a little village playing with some of the local children. I took an excessive amount of photos that day but this one stands out the most) Styled Wedding shoot, Oxford, Melbourne,Australia ( I spent the day hugging Koalas and feeding baby joeys). My little lavender cat (This was a styled shoot I set up with a photography friend at the end of summer)

So here's to 2016 a year full of more adventures , laughter and most importantly weddings!